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Walker | S18 mower

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The S18 is a powerful edition to the affordable and efficient Walker Model S Family.  With increased speed, reduced weight and more horsepower, the S18 is the ultimate mower for use on residential properties.  The S18 is powered by a 18 horsepower Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine delivering proven power and efficiency.  And with 11.9 km/h (7.4 miles per hour) ground speed, its Walkers fastest collection mower.

 It features Walkers patented Grass Handling System Blower  with through shaft PTO (power take off) that powers the mowing deck and internal 12.5 inch grass blower.  This system packs material tightly into the 7 bushel catcher, leaving nothing behind except perfectly manicured turf.

The S18 is a year round work horse with remote engine air filtration, 15 litre (4 gallon) fuel tank, compact 7 bushel grass catcher, and numerous configurable add-ons.  It is compatible with Walker Collection decks up to 42 inches and non-collection gear drive decks up to 56 inches.

Perfect for the commercial landscape trailer or in a residential garage, the Walker S18 is fast, compact and agile.   And it delivers beautiful results that the most demanding property owners will love.

Schedule a no-obligation demonstration today to try an S18 on your lawn.

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