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Walker | T27i

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The versatile and robust Model MT line consists of three engine options including one liquid-cooling and two air-cooled engines. Long engine life, fuel economy and a "workhorse" design all make the MT our most popular model.

  • 27 HP EFI Kohler Command Pro, 747 cc
  • Tilt-open body completely exposes drive train and engine
  • Shock-mounted instrument panel with warning lights and horn, also includes ignition switch, light switch, voltmeter and hourmeter
  • 10.0 bu, catcher and 10.5" blower on GHS Model
  • Splined PTO drive shaft with Quick-Disconnect Coupler
  • 17.5 Litre fuel tank
  • 12 KM/H ground speed
  • The T27i comes with a wide range of options and add-ons

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